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We have 2 techs who can do most any installs of scopes, optics, any AR-15 furniture, mounting, or finish work. We also store guns, do appraisals, polish, grade and have custom holsters made. We can do just about anything else to customize your firearm. We also outsource internal gun smithing.

FoxHole LLC offers a large selection of hand guns; as well as long guns. In order to purchase a handgun, you MUST HAVE A VALID IOWA PHOTO I.D. AS WELL AS, EITHER AN IOWA PERMIT TO PURCHASE (ACQUIRE); OR A PERMIT TO CARRY. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THESE TWO THINGS, IOWA LAW STATES WE CANNOT SELL YOU A FIREARM! When purchasing a long gun, YOU MUST HAVE A VALID IOWA PHOTO I.D. We can call-in long gun purchases to the ATF, after the proper paperwork is filled out, and they will give us the option to proceed, or not.

FoxHole LLC is a licensed Ruger dealer. FoxHole LLC also carries a large selection of: Remington, Winchester, Smith&Wesson, Taurus, Rossi, Stevens, Beretta, Walther, Glock, Springfield Armory, SCCY, Henry, Rock Island Armory, HiPoint, Tanfoglio, and many more. If you are looking for it; we probably have it. If we don’t, we will do our best to find you what you are looking for.

FoxHole LLC offers a layaway and hold option on our purchases. You can put an item on layaway for 10 weeks. You must have at least $50 down, and there is a 5% charge on all layaways. You have 10 weeks, from the day you put the item on layaway, to pay it off. There are no refunds or exchanges on our layaway items. Make sure you really want the item; before you decide this option. We also offer a two week hold option. There is no extra charge for this, as long as it is picked up within the two weeks. You must have $50 dollars down; and again, no refunds or exchanges.

FoxHole LLC has a large selection of ammunition for purchase. You are not required to purchase ammunition in our facility, you may bring your own; unless you choose the option to rent our firearms. Then you must purchase ammunition from our facility.

FoxHole LLC has a large selection of targets that you can purchase, or you may bring your own in. Targets range from $1-$3.

We carry a wide variety of new and used AR15s. long guns, hand guns, semi-autos & revolvers, all calibers and sizes. We can also buy any gun you bring in.

FoxHole LLC offers a No time limit use of our shooting range. Customers will be charged a flat-rate of $12.50 per person to shoot. We also offer a punch card for ten, No time limit use, of our shooting range for $65.00. These charges includes all safety equipment (hearing and eye protection).

FoxHole LLC has a large selection of targets that you can purchase, or you may bring your own in. Targets range from $1-$3.

FoxHole LLC offers a large selection of firearm rentals. If we have a used firearm on our shelf, it is also available for rental. The charge for firearm rentals is $12.50, for choice of firearm. If you rent our firearms, we do request you purchase ammunition from our store, to use in our firearm.

Private Parties are Available. Please contact the store for details. *Everyone who enters our range, must wear ear and eye protection AT ALL TIMES. We offer the option to use our ear and eye protection, and we also have the option to purchase both.