Requirements to Purchase

Requirements to Purchase a Hand gun or Long gun in the State of Iowa.

You must be a resident of the State of Iowa to purchase a handgun.

For long guns ONLY; If you do not have a gun permit, a NICS background check can be done.
NICS checks can be done for Non Iowa residents wishing to purchase a long gun as well.

You MUST have a valid Acquire or Carry Permit.
You MUST have a valid State of Iowa Driver's License or Photo I.D.
You MUST reside at the address listed on your State of Iowa License or Photo I.D.

You MUST pay the entire amount/cost of the firearm. All funds MUST come from the buyer ONLY. We accept cash, postal money orders, checks and  credit cards. The buyers name MUST be on the check or credit used as tender. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

You must be able to write, answer and complete the 4473 paperwork required. We cannot allow your spouse or friend to fill it out for you. If you cannot read or write please let us know and we can help assist with the appropriate ATF recommendation in this case to complete the 4473

You are not eligible to purchase a firearm if you are a felon or have a restraining order against you.

Law enforcement MUST have their Cary Permit renewed within the last 5 years.

If you are interested in obtaining you Permit To Carry, we offer the course for $35 plus tax here at the FoxHole LLC.  See calendar for registration and availability.