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To learn about the Lessons and Activities that we offer at FoxHole LLC

Online Courses, Certificates & Training Programs

We offer the ability to register and pay for some activities online. Select an activity and you will either be prompted to register and pay online or you will be directed to a page prompting you to contact FoxHole LLC directly for registration and payment.

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lessons and Activities

  • Top Shot Shooters League

    This is a Co-Ed shooting league, men and women are welcome to participate; shooters will shoot center fire pistols at 39 feet. Leagues will run…

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  • Firearms 101 Class

    This course is geared for the beginner shooter and for those simply just interested in learning more about firearms and handling a firearm. The class…

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  • CCW Class (Permit to Carry Class)

    We offer a permit to carry class, every other Sunday of the month from 4:00pm to 8:00pm. Sign UP for this class must be made…

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  • Women’s League

    The league is for women only; women will shoot center fire pistols only at 29 feet. Leagues will run for 4 months or 16 weeks…

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  • Permit to Carry Weapons Renewal

    We offer two types of options to renew your Permit to Carry Weapons. The first option would be to shoot to qualify, which would cost…

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